Dosage information for butea superba extract

By Serge Kreutz

Our butea superba extract is potent, and on some people, the libido-enhancing effects of butea superba extract can be profound.

Dosages can be doubled every day up to 3 or 4 grams per day, provided there are no ill effects. Dosages are best split into half in the morning, half in the afternoon.

Some people feel increased testosterone tone as a stronger heartbeat. This in itself is not unhealthy. But it would be if this increased testosterone tone were to manifest itself as heart palpitations.

We know Thai men (some of our workers, actually) who consume 10 grams of our butea superba extract on a day, and swear by its virility enhancing effects. This, however, is not recommended for users without a history of butea superba extract consumption..

Please note that our product is a concentrated extract, not the cheap root powder commonly sold. Root powder is worthless..

In an effort of window dressing this fact, some large chains sell root powder with a description saying “full spectrum” butea superba. But some 98 percent of this full spectrum is just cellulose with a potential of gastric distress. After all, the digestive tract of humans isn’t laid out to process saw dust that even ruminants refuse.

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