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The mind is not a mirror of the physical world, and human knowledge is not trustworthy. If there is any truth at all, then it is in sexual desire. Neuroscience, sexual neuroscience, is the physics of reality. (Serge Kreutz)

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Tongkat Ali, if genuine and not the run-of-the-mill fake substitute, is not just about improving one’s health but about adding sense to one’s life.


Denver, Colorado: What are some of the benefits of taking Butea Superba?

Charles I. Holcomb 4428 Roy Alley Denver, CO 80202

Summary of the major benefits of taking Butea Superba:

Butea Superba enhances the immune system to protect against infection

Helps reduce the incidence of diseases associated with aging, such as: cancer, arteriolosclerosis (coronary artery disease) and osteoporosis.

Lowers blood cholesterol while improving liver function

Helps stabilize blood sugar levels and help prevent the onset of diabetes in adults

Assist slightly in weight loss and help convert fat to lean muscle mass

May help control Alzheimer's disease, lupus, AIDS, and chronic fatigue syndrome

Helps with menopause

Helps with memory and depression

May help prolong life expectancy

Butea Superba enhances Libido and sense of well being in women and men

Another benefit of Butea Superba is that it helps stimulate the production of Testosterone and Estrogen

Reduces Stress levels

Help dry eyes

Help fend off and fight cancer


Wholesale tongkat ali shipped to the port of Houston, Texas
Wholesale tongkat ali shipped to the port of Houston, Texas


Rockford, Michigan: Careful with Amazon – They sold a deadly tongkat ali brand

Ron J. Rivera 138 Kimberly Way Rockford, MI 49341

Deadly Singaporean fake tongkat ali has been on sale on Amazon.

More Singaporean products claiming to be tongkat ali are still touted on Amazon.

The following is how a dubious Singaporean tongkat ali source explains that they can sell just anything without having to be afraid of authorities.

Why Singapore is dangerous for tongkat ali

Caverflo – another death caused by fake tongkat ali shipped from Singapore


Rochelle Park, New Jersey: The Neurobiology, Neuropharmacology, and Pharmacological Treatment of the Paraphilias and Compulsive Sexual Behaviour

Chris A. Martinez 3488 Desert Broom Court Rochelle Park, NJ 07662

There has been increasing interest in the treatment of sexual disorders in recent years. Sexual disorders are classified in DSM-IV as sexual dysfunctions, paraphilias, and gender identity disorders. The sexual dysfunctions are nondeviant or nonparaphillic.

The sexual dysfunction disorders should in clude “hyper active sexual desire disorder” under sexual desire disorders. Further, there should be a specifier for paraphilias of “with hypersexuality” or “without hypersexuality.” There is still incomplete understanding of the neurobiology of sexual disorders although functional neuroanatomy and neoropharmcological research has exposed the neurotransmitters, receptors, and hormones that are involved in sexual desire. Various pharmacological agents including serotonin reuptake inhibitors, antiandrogens, LHRH agonists, and others have been documented as reducing sexual desire. An algorithm for the use of these drugs in the treat ment of the paraphilias as well nonparaphilic hypersexuality is out lined. The modes of action, dosages, aims of treatment, and usual methods of prescribing these agents is reviewed in this article. Some future directions of research in pharmacological treatment is also discussed.


Newark, New Jersey: UK Guardian Spreading the Myth of “Normal Pedophilia”

Edward K. Rock 4000 West Side Avenue Newark, NJ 07102

The American Psychological Association has left an opening for “normal pedophilia” and organizations such as NAMBLA (National Association of Man-Boy Love Association) have been advocating for legalization and normalization of pedophilia for decades.

Many in the liberal media now say that male pedophiles have less white brain matter and, through no fault of their own, are attracted to children. In other words, they deserve sympathy and are not accountable.

There are those on the left who will also say it doesn’t hurt kids.

Recently in Greece, the powers-that-be declared this crime against humanity a disability and gave pedophiles financial compensation for it, all this while Greece is exploding with debt.

Sex workers in “sex-positive” San Francisco are already protected and prostitution is normalized as a career option without proper consideration of the fact that the average age of entry into prostitution is about age 12. Their sex-positive society gives a free pass to human trafficking.

In November, Proposition 35, an anti-human trafficking ballot, passed overwhelmingly in California. A judge temporarily halted the measure.

The law forces sex offenders to notify law enforcement everytime they adopt a new online identity, which could allow websites to selectively restrict their comments. The ACLU is claiming it sets a problematic precedent. The ACLU is fighting it on the grounds that they are protecting anonymous free speech.

Some want to legalize child pornography, claiming it will lessen child sex abuse.

The Guardian published an article on January 2nd entitled, Paedophilia: Bringing Dark Desires to Light. To summarize, the article points out that academicians and psychologists disagree on what causes pedophilia, how much harm it creates, and whether we should be more sympathetic to pedophiles.

How anyone could write this garbage is hard to fathom. Of course pedophilia is perverse and harmful to children. Of course it is a vile crime against innocents.

Pedophiles and their supporters want us to debate this issue and not panic or react hysterically. I strongly support reacting with hysteria. There is no way this is a way of life that is in any way acceptable or normal. There is no way this should be discussed as something that can’t be helped. These people are revolting, responsible, and need to get help or go to jail.

I actually read one perverted article sympathizing with pedophiles on the grounds that they can’t help the way they are and develop a poor self-image because of society’s unfair characterization of them. I don’t care about their self-image. I care about the children. We all should. Pedophiles need to be held to account.


Norcross, Georgia: Optimal sex and Torture

Jeffrey M. Sickels 3688 Neuport Lane Norcross, GA 30091

Optimal sex up to an advanced age, and if necessary, aided by vascular and neurotropic agents like Pfizer’s Blue, yohimbine, dopaminergics, or testosterone enhancers like tongkat ali and butea superba, very much is a concern of modern civilisation. In medieval and ancient times, people were quite content if they were not tortured to death (never mind the optimal sex, thank you). An amazingly high number of people in medieval and ancient times (let's avoid designating them as ancient civilizations) were brutally tortured to death, often for the entertainment of onlookers. This included all mentally ill, and all enemies of rulers or ruling elites. Public torture is an extremely effective political tool. Not for the extraction of confessions, though. But torture one poor victim cruelly to death, and every onlooker will get the message: do not challenge authority!

Most Shocking Torture Devices Used in History (YouTube 7:30)


Richmond, Virginia: Thieves tortured by being fed to poisonous fire ants

Dennis M. Woods 1750 Biddie Lane Richmond, VA 23226

A couple of thieves received a new level of punishment when Amazon jungle villagers caught them stealing motorbikes from their village.

The thieves, ages 18 and 19, were nearly killed after being tied to a tree infested with poisonous fire ants for three days in a jungle in Ayopaya, western Bolivia.

The venomous fire ants, named pseudomyrmex triplarinus inhabit the triplaris trees that grow throughout Central and South America.

Unable to move, the men were stung by the ants continuously for almost three torturous days.

Even though fire ant venom is poisonous, in small doses it is actually used as a traditional cure for arthritis as it has anti-inflammatory properties.

However, not used in small doses, the toxic venom can lead to death, which was likely in the cards for these two men.

The sister of one of the captive thieves said that both men would have died from this punishment if her relatives had not paid the $3,700 ransom.

Because they were left for nearly three days, the ants continued to torture these men. One of the men remains in intensive care while the other one needed dialysis for kidney failure.

I bet they will think twice about stealing any more motorbikes … or stealing anything ever again for that matter.


Los Angeles, California: Pumping it up!

Richard R. Peters 540 Thompson Street Los Angeles, CA 90017

If there is one controversy that needs to be laid to rest, it is the use of sex hormones in medicines. For years, men and women have been brain washed into thinking that the male hormone testosterone is responsible for the machismo and the alpha-maleness in men, while in women, estrogen was associated with youth and beauty.

While such theories are partly true, the use of sex hormones was commonplace two decades ago but I am surprised today with the misuse of male hormones especially by young men, and it is often encouraged by their surrogate doctor – their trainer.

Testosterone is the primary sex hormone – an anabolic steroid predominantly responsible for the development of male reproduction tissues and promoting secondary sexual characters such as increased muscle mass and bone. It is essential for health, well-being, and muscle and bone mass.

Any deficiency can lead to fragility and bone loss. Testosterone is mainly secreted by male testicles, but is also secreted in small quantities by the ovaries of females. Small amounts are also secreted by the adrenal glands.

The secondary sexual characteristics that testosterone promotes in the male are facial hair, axillary hair, and deepening of the voice. Testosterone is also responsible for male fertility, penile and clitoral enlargement, increased libido and frequency of erection or clitoral engorgement. It is because of muscle mass that the young individual misuses the hormone and the aging Don Juan uses it for its effect on libido.

An article by Kraemer HC et al in the Archives of Sexual Behavior is interesting. It tells us that higher levels of testosterone are associated with heightened periods of sexual activity. More surprisingly other studies suggest heterosexual men feel a surge of testosterone in their bodies, even after a brief conversation with a woman.

The degree of testosterone elevation was directly proportional to the degree that the women thought the men were trying to impress them. Men who watch films with sexual contents also register an increase in their testosterone levels by 35 per cent peaking at 60 to 90 minutes after the movie ends.

Men who are exposed to the odour of an ovulating female also have an elevated but stable increase in their testosterone levels as compared to when exposed to the non-ovulating females.

I think that defines the animal instinct in us, and is nature’s way of ensuring procreation. The level of testosterone in females is also higher before and after coitus.

So testosterone is not only a mating hormone in the males but in the females as well. Other studies in the Archives of Sexual Behavior on the evolution of human behavior tell us that testosterone also plays a major role in risk-taking in financial decisions. Testosterone is also associated with aggressive behavior and has a link to adult criminality.

With aging come a host of symptoms attributed correctly or incorrectly to testosterone deficiency. There are loss of libido, erectile quality, changes in mood and cognitive function, fatigue, depression, decrease in muscle mass and strength, diminishing body hair and increasing abdominal fat. According to scientists, testosterone levels fall as we age. Purists tell us that we age because the testosterone level falls. So now the million dollar question remains which is true?

If after a certain age we use testosterone supplements to gain better vigour, vitality and sex drive, does it mean we can reverse the ageing effects? This sounds terribly logical, but I don’t think the answer is yet very clear.

This is because the usage of testosterone has side effects. There may be shrinkage of testicles and stimulation of tumors of the prostate, enlargement of the breasts and an increased risk of blood clotting in the veins of the legs. Newer research tells us that it is more common in the first six months of testosterone usage.

The National Institute of Health Studies published in the NEJM in 2016 addressed this question by studying 51,000 men, for whom the level of this hormone was raised to mid normal range. They reported a small increase in sexual desire, better erectile function, and slightly improved mood but there was no change in objective testing of vitality.

Studies in the JAMA state that testosterone has no effect on memory, but it increased the volume of blockages in the heart arteries and the US FDA cautions the risk of heart attack or stroke on usage.

The practice of using testosterone supplements to compensate remains questionable and what appears logical in medicine, is not necessarily true in real life. Similar controversies surround female hormone replacements and my best advice will be to not to play around with hormones that we still do not understand.


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